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Exclusively Locd by Alanah JacksonWe have finally hit the internet with our all-new virtual shop, guest bookings, and boutique. Here at EXCLUSIVELYLOCD.COM we’ve got all the best advice, styles, treatments, and growth serums you need. Plus+ Locs extensions, style videos, maintenance products, and The Juice Growth Serum! Featured in I Love Dreadlocks Magazine in The Philippines, as well as, Voyage Dallas Magazine, in Texas, USA, and rocked by NBA players, recording/rap artists, and professionals alike. Are you a Locs Lover looking for growth? Well, we've got some good news! Our Founder, Celebrity Locs Master & Stylist Alanah Jackson debuted her secret hair growth oil serum, The Juice!

Exclusively Locd by Alanah JacksonThe Juice is formulated with the best oils from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, specifically formulated for your Locs maintenance, growth, and enjoyment. Formally available exclusively in The Exclusively Loc’d Boutique in Texas, USA. But now! “The Juice” Is Available World-Wide here at Exclusively Loc’d Global!.

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Welcome to Exclusively Loc'd Global by Alanah Jackson! Yes!

We are now online!